Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 9, 2010

There's a saying that I strongly believe fact, if you've heard me speak, teach, or preach you've heard me say this very thing. In order to get something you've never had before, you'll have to be willing to do something you've NEVER done before. I'm sure that any Olympic athlete could tell you that in order to win the gold medals they've won, they had to be willing to do something they've never done before. Whether that be training for 8 hours a day or dramatically changing their diet, they did something different. When I decided to run my first marathon I first of all thought to myself, "Amberly, you're nuts! The only reason you should run 26.2 miles non-stop is because a wild animal is chasing you!" However, when I finally decided I was going to accomplish my 26.2 mile goal...I knew things would have to be different in my life. I had to start eating the right things, getting up at 4:30am to get my long runs in, and going to bed early enough that my body got the proper rest it needed. These were all things I had never done before...especially getting up at 4:30am! But...I knew that if I wanted to run the full 26.2 miles and if I wanted to cross the finish line alive and not dead, I had to do things that I had never done before!

My question to you is: what are wanting out of life that you currently don't have? And are you willing to do that which you've never done before to get it? Are you wanting to be debt-free in your finances? Then considering not eating out for a month and applying the extra money to the debt. Are you wanting to have more money than you do right now? Then consider starting a business. Find something you're really great at or you have an interest in and start a business. There are tons of FREE ways to market your business with technology. Be sure to use FREE resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Ping, etc. Are you wanting a stronger marriage? Then be willing to take the time to understand what your spouse needs and how your spouse receives love from you. There are tons of great books out there to help build stronger marriages, read them and apply them! Are you wanting to be more educated in a certain area? Attend classes, workshops, seminars, and choose TODAY to be a life time learner. Are you wanting to loose weight or get into better shape? Then choose healthier foods when grocery shopping. Start by cutting one thing out of your diet that you know you shouldn't be eating. You don't have to cut every bad thing out...start simple. Also, get out and exercise. If you can't afford a gym membership, go for a walk around your neighborhood.

Bottom line is this: In order to get something you've never had before, you'll have to be willing to do something you've NEVER done before. Think on this question today: What do you want out of life and what are you willing to do that you've never done before to get it? The truth of the matter is that God truly wants YOU to have the best kind of life which is His kind of life. He doesn't want you to ever settle for less than His absolute best! I truly believe that your eye hasn't seen, your ear hasn't heard, and it's not even entered into your heart what God has prepared for you!